Frequent questions


BUBBLE TEA is a cocktail made of green jasmine tea flavoured with fruit syrups.

Contrary to the popular belief, the name BUBBLE TEA does not refer to tapioca or popping pearls, but to thousands of tiny bubbles that appear at the top of the tea and are created by an intensive shaking of the drink.

What are the fruit syrups made from?

Fruit syrups used for the preparation of BUBBLE TEA contain mainly water, sweeteners, and a fruit concentrate. Detailed specification of individual syrups can be found in the product sheets at the store or on the website.

What is CREAM TEA?

CREAM TEA a creamy variation of a tea cocktail. It is made of green jasmine tea and a creamy flavour. CREAM TEA can also be combined with BUBBLE TEA fruit syrups. All CREAM TEA cocktails contain allergen 7 – milk.

You have tapioca pearls on offer. What exactly is “tapioca”?

Tapioca is a starch extracted from the cassava root. Cassava plant comes from the northern region of Brazil. It has been spread and cultivated throughout the South American continent. The plant was once transported by Portuguese and Spanish explorers to a great part of Western India and the continents of Africa and Asia, including the Philippines and Taiwan. It is now grown all over the world and is a traditional ingredient for CREAM TEA tea cocktails.

Tapioca is sweetish after caramel and its texture resembles gummy bears.

What is the composition of popping pearls?

Popping pearls, also called bursting boba, pearls or balls belong to the most popular ingredients of tea cocktails. There is no better feeling than the one of a pearl landing in your mouth bursting in a second and flooding your mouth with fruit juice.

The pearls contain water, sugar, and fruit flavoured syrup.

The shell is made of seaweed.

What are jelly extras?

It is a gelatine cream mass flavoured with a fruit component. The basis of jelly is coconut pulp.

I am allergic to milk. What cocktail from your offer shall I purchase?

Tea cocktails from BUBBLE TEA or PURE TEA offer.

All raw materials containing the milk component are labelled. Detailed information can be found in product sheets at the store or on the website.

Do your cocktails contain azo dyes?

No, the ingredients from which we prepare our tea cocktails do not contain azo dyes.

What pure teas can I purchase at your stores?

At the moment, our PURE TEA offer is:

GREEN JASMINE TEA – delicate jasmine tones blend well with the freshness and slight bitterness of green tea, the enchanting heavenly scent dispels inner restlessness.

Is it possible to influence the recipe of a selected tea cocktail?

Unfortunately, we cannot change the recipes at the customer's request. Individual recipes are always tastefully tuned to bring out all the ingredients. What our customers can do is to combine up to two fruit syrups in a BUBBLE TEA cocktail and add a BUBBLE TEA fruit syrup to a CREAM TEA cocktail.

We can also adjust the sweetness of each beverage with added beet sugar.