The best tea on the market OXO BUBBLE TEA offers refreshing tea cocktails of unique flavours, energising and filled with emotions. Try our traditional BUBBLE TEA with fruit syrups or a creamy variation of our tea cocktails CREAM TEA. Don't miss out on PURE TEA with its beneficial effects of freshly infused green jasmine tea. Are you a real cocktail gourmet? Taste the charm of SPECIAL EDITION.

Bubble teaBubble tea
Bubble tea

Fresh green tea with syrups

Bubble tea

Green jasmine tea cocktail flavoured with perfectly matched fruit syrups.

Cream teaCream tea
Cream tea

Fresh green tea with creamy flavours

Cream tea

Made of fresh green jasmine tea and creamy flavours. You can add an extra fruit syrup. Cream teas contain allergen 7 – milk.

Pure teaPure tea
Pure tea

Freshly infused tea

Pure tea

The beneficial effects of freshly infused tea leaves have been known for thousands of years. Lovers of pure tea enjoy our green jasmine tea.


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All our raw materials are delivered by carefully selected suppliers who guarantee 100% quality and variety of offerings. We test the raw materials continuously to maintain the desired level of quality.



BUBBLE TEA – quality guarantee (12,8 MB) CREAM TEA – quality guarantee (2,3 MB) EXTRAS – quality guarantee (2,2 MB)



Raw materials marked with * contain allergen ALERGEN 7-MILK