OXO menu


Bubble tea

Fresh green tea with syrup
Tea cocktail made of green jasmine tea flavored with perfectly coordinated fruit syrups.

Cream tea

Fresh green tea with creamy flavor
The creamy variations of our cocktails are made from fresh green tea.
Can also be combined with fruit syrups.
Creamy flavors contain allergen 7 – milk component.

Pure tea

Fresh infused tea
The beneficial effects of freshly leached tea leaves have been known for thousands of years.
Pure tea lovers will enjoy green jasmine tea.

Quality guarantee

All our raw materials come from carefully selected suppliers who guarantee 100% quality and variety of offer.
We continuously test the raw materials to guarantee their quality

A little about us

OXO is the most colorful bar in your area. You can enjoy your favorite drink at almost 15 locations throughout the Czech Republic. We are a purely Czech company that has branches in Slovakia and Hungary. We use proven suppliers from the Czech Republic to prepare tea drinks. OXO is a colorful, entertaining drink that makes drinking closer.
We love what we do and we enjoy bringing joy, fun and smiles.